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Working with you.


We are committed to adding value in areas above and beyond traditional investment and wealth management. 

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Kingfisher has helped clients achieve goals, anticipate risks, and solve complex problems within their personal, business and philanthropic enterprises for almost thirty years.


From strategic planning to lifestyle goals, family transitions to new adventures, we will work with you to create personalized solutions exploring things that are important to you.

Kingfisher Business - BeSpoke Investing

We provide an objective lens on strategy, planning, and problem solving that will help you build structures and partnerships for long term success.


​Managing a business can be incredibly exciting and challenging. Often business owners are so deeply committed to the day-to-day operations that it can be difficult to identify opportunities for growth or to make unbiased strategic planning decisions. 

We provide an objective lens on strategy, planning, and problem solving that will help you build structures and partnerships for long term success. We will help you analyze your business and create solutions that transform your firm and align your constituents.


​Some clients may wish to leverage our capabilities in thematic investing to express a particular theme or investment view within their portfolio. For select clients, Kingfisher Bespoke will tailor a portfolio designed to your specifications. We provide consulting and advisory services on specific projects that will help you develop and formalize your unique investment mandate. Whether it is socially responsible investing, sustainable investing, or a particular theme all your own, we can help you put your ideas to work.


​Women have become a dominant force in the economy and the primary driver of changing spending patterns, instigating social change across the globe. Women are often the majority decision makers in the purchases of primary and investment properties, home furnishings, vacations, art and entertainment, automobiles and consumer electronics.  Women owned business are one of the fastest growing segments of the economy.  Yet many women feel that when it comes to investing and pursuing your goals, your voices are not heard. Women are too often stereotyped and provided pre-packaged solutions that do not reflect your true family, business and philanthropic goals. Kingfisher provides women the resources to enable you to make empowered decisions about your finances, whether you are a business owner or executive, single or married, the family breadwinner or financial decision-maker.

While women share much in common, we are each unique and different. Kingfisher will listen to your individual voice.

We provide investment education, best practices for financial security, goal planning, and lifecycle support, especially when you need it most. We take the time to get to know you, listen to your ideas, and help you define and achieve your goals through a thoughtful relationship based on respect and trust. Whether it is launching a new business, planning for retirement, or protecting your estate, Kingfisher will support your success as a trusted adviser and confidante.


​Life is full of the unexpected. Whether you are preparing to retire, minting your first million, selling your business, changing marital status, or dealing with health issues, Kingfisher will support you in successfully and seamlessly transitioning to the next phase of life.

We offer customized and comprehensive guidance for:

  • Divorce Transition Consulting    

  • Business Owner Liquidity Event

  • Retirement Transition

  • Assisted Living Placement and Elder Care

  • New Business Launch


​Kingfisher offers one of the most competitive retirement plan management platforms available. We are confident that we can offer businesses like yours a world-class solution with better and broader investment choices than are available in your current plan. As an independent firm, we are not compensated by fund companies to choose their products. We use our expertise to choose from a wide range of investment options, including mutual funds and exchange traded funds. We then build an easy-to-understand approved list of investments with recommended asset allocation models and provide education to your employees.

Selecting and sponsoring the right retirement plan for your staff is a critical decision for any business enterprise. In addition, we partner with leaders in the industry to provide plan administration, helping you fulfill your fiduciary responsibility. Our partners will support you in meeting your fiduciary obligations by keeping you informed of the latest regulatory changes and industry developments.

Your employees deserve the best retirement plan available. We make it easy for you to upgrade your existing plan. Many retirement plans charge high fees without providing you access to the best available investment vehicles. We offer more value and more opportunity with Kingfisher Retirement.  


​Individuals, families and businesses need access to capital to thrive. Whether you need a bridge loan to float a real estate transaction, a business purchase, or have a large personal expense, Kingfisher accesses an array of institutional lending and credit relationships to provide clients flexible and cost-efficient sources of capital. For short-to-medium term financing needs, lines of credit collateralized with securities in your investment portfolio may provide you the freedom and the solution you need.


Such loans are typically simple to qualify for and can be funded in a matter of a few business days to provide you immediate funds for:

  • Personal Working Capital

  • Real Estate

  • Estate Planning

  • Large Purchases

  • Education Planning

  • Debt Refinance

Individuals, families and businesses need access to capital to thrive.


​In addition to traditional investments, our clients often invest in non-liquid assets which may include extensive collections of art, jewels, automobiles, and antiquities.  Kingfisher Art leverages its relationships with experienced independent consultants and some of the premier auction houses in the world, providing unique access for clients to acquire or divest cherished items. We will work with you to coordinate legacy options for your collections, whether that is through a sale, a gift to heirs, or a donation to a charitable beneficiary.


​Our clients lead amazing and exciting lives. To some that means traveling to exotic locales, learning a new language, or launching your next career. To others it is engaging in civic leadership, curating a family art collection, or restoring a home or garden. In addition to exploring new lands and new talents, you also may benefit from access to concierge medical care, expert advice on your hobby du jour or travel insights. Whatever your aspirations and necessities, Kingfisher Lifestyle provides a starting point to explore what’s next. As a concierge service, we will discuss your interests and objectives and leverage our network of resources to help bring your dreams to life.

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