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Kingfisher seeks to understand each client. Our investment advisor in Charlotte, NC is here to advise you on your business and personal aspirations. Our mutual discovery process begins with a conversation and leads to a holistic assessment. The process is hand-crafted, not mechanical, and designed for us to communicate and discover together. To see a list of our investment advisors click here.

Investment advisor in Charlotte, NC

While each client has a set of unique challenges, we believe clients share three universal goals:


To protect

personal, business,

and institutional



To preserve standard

of living, vocational and

avocational ambitions,

and to match future

liabilities with

investment income


To generate lasting

impact on Family,

Business, Philanthropic,

and Artistic endeavours




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Our firm works with families, business owners, entrepreneurs, and institutions throughout the Southeast and around the country.  We thoughtfully combine expertise in investments, wealth management, and consultative services to create an all-encompassing solution designed for you, carefully crafted to help you reach your goals of security, lifestyle, and legacy. 


We are an independent investment advisor registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. We are privately owned by the management and employees of the firm, and are not subject to external profitability demands. We offer access to independent trust, financial planning, tax and estate planning, insurance and lending solutions. 


​We have the flexibility to create client-focused solutions leveraging our unique proprietary capabilities as well as our informed, open-architecture platform offering best-in-class complementary investment managers.



We are fiduciaries with a deep knowledge of financial markets and intentionally limited conflicts of interest. We invest in key technologies to keep your information safe and secure. We offer account protection through our custodians in case unauthorized activity occurs in your account. 


​We are a fee-based asset manager and provide complete transparency regarding our fees. We do not collect mutual fund distribution fees (known as 12b-1 Fees) and do not invest in funds with Sales Charges (also known as Loads).


​We serve clients spanning three generations, with roots dating to 1989[1].  We have been selected by some of the largest institutions in the world to manage money on behalf of their clients.


The commitment and longevity of our key professional staff is one of our core strengths. Our culture of continuity allows you to work with the same team members for many years, in many cases over several generations. Our independent approach aligns our fiduciary, management, and advisory responsibilities with your goals.


​We  invest for constant improvement in premier tools and software to provide better financial reporting, client relationship management, account consolidation, trade execution and allocation, financial planning and cash flow forecasting, data encryption, and security.


​We maintain institutional relationships with the largest custodians in the world that cater to independent investment advisers, providing you peace of mind that your assets are safe.


​Our research partnerships have been developed over many years and include some of the world’s oldest Wall Street firms, research boutiques from New York to Hong Kong, and other industry leaders with whom we collaborate.

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