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Live a life you love.


Wealth often comes with complexity. Optimizing your wealth requires an intentional approach that distills and simplifies. 

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At Kingfisher, we begin each client relationship with a conversation to explore two simple questions:

Where are you now?

Where do you want to be in the future?

It is more than just setting a mechanical target; it is taking inventory of scattered information, identifying key priorities, and honestly assessing how you want the next phases of your family and business life to unfold. It is more than just investing your capital; it is designing a plan to protect and grow your assets while empowering you to live a life you love.

Through an engaging process of mutual discovery, we seek to understand your investment philosophy, business and personal aspirations, and other family matters in order to help you define goals relating to your security, your lifestyle, and your legacy.

Security. Lifestyle. Legacy.

With inventive solutions powered by an experienced team of investment professionals, we integrate investment management, tax and estate strategy, financial planning, strategic philanthropy, education planning, and asset protection. 

Whether you are building a business or contemplating a liquidity event, establishing a gift for your alma mater or a family trust, planning for retirement or pursuing a lifelong dream – Kingfisher is here to help you succeed.

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Kingfisher knows that family planning can be complicated. Family members live in different geographies, differ on spending and planning philosophies, and operate at different stages within their family and career development. We believe that wealth management is successful when it simplifies things for you. Staff turnover at many banks and investment firms forces clients to repeatedly re-establish relationships. At Kingfisher, you partner with the same team over an extended period, one that knows your circumstances and can implement your wishes.

Our family office approach ensures that we will be your first call to answer a question or resolve a challenge. Whether your inquiry is related to investments, your estate, your business or something else entirely, Kingfisher has the expertise to provide you a solution - or the network to find a solution - wherever it may be.  


Market Experience is Key

Kingfisher has deep intelligence regarding how markets work, and hands-on experience in the market trenches, drawing from a nearly three decade history of analyzing individual securities, managing proprietary portfolio strategies, and evaluating hundreds of asset managers. Unlike some financial consultants whose professional investment experience is limited to utilizing planning and allocation software, our direct experience living through periods of market stress in various economic conditions provides our clients depth of insight and peace of mind. We are invested alongside our clients; what we do is who we are.

Our allocation strategies help you “weather” the storms

Asset Allocation Approach

Thoughtful asset allocation is a critical element of your wealth management plan. We carefully assess key inputs and a variety of qualitative and quantitative information to determine your target investment mix. Leveraging our informed, open architecture platform, your investment allocation will utilize individual securities and active and passive strategies to produce outcomes that reflect your unique goals over time.

Kingfisher typically advises clients to maintain an asset allocation strategy that provides exposure to a variety of investments that work together within your portfolio.

While allocation recommendations will always seek to appropriately reflect client mandates, we believe investment portfolios generally benefit over the long run from assets that perform well in different market environments.  This “all weather” philosophy of portfolio construction suggests that certain investments paired together may help reduce portfolio volatility. Understanding your true risk tolerance can lead to more sustainable investment outcomes with the objective of meeting your goals.


Financial planning is a key component of any wealth management strategy, and every client should have a plan that is up to date. The most important feature of the planning process is to provide organizational structure for your financial and business life and transparency for you, your spouse, and other key stakeholders. Many clients have multiple accounts, holdings, and business interests. Kingfisher will help you make sense of your portfolio and ensure that you understand how your financial strategy is working for you. We offer an array of financial planning solutions for individuals, families, business owners and institutions geared toward establishing and achieving your goals for security, lifestyle, and legacy. Our experienced professionals will provide resources for you every step of the way, while closely aligning all the members of the investment, estate, tax, and legal team.

Goals-based planning will assist in making your dreams a reality

Because we understand that money is a means to an end, not the end itself, the planning we undertake is goals-based and dynamic. Perhaps you want to retire early, purchase additional property, or travel extensively. You may want to launch a new enterprise, engage more deeply in your community, or maximize generational wealth transfer through tax, trust, and estate strategies. It takes money to preserve your desired lifestyle and meet your personal, business, and philanthropic goals. We look for gaps, redundancies, and inconsistencies in your investment strategy with the objective of refocusing your portfolio to improve asset utilization and mitigate risk. Goals-based planning can assist you in making your dreams become a reality.

Your comprehensive plan considers a total view of your wealth picture and represents an important step towards simplifying your financial life. Your plan will serve as a central document that aggregates your information into a clear financial summary, offering key insights into the acquisition and disposition of assets, financial budgeting, and retirement planning. We will help you find peace of mind believing that your lifestyle and legacy goals are attainable and secure. 

Your financial plan will also explore: 

  • Retirement Planning & Social Security Maximization

  • Wills & Beneficiary Designations

  • Tax Planning & Assumptions

  • Education Funding and College Planning

  • Business Planning

  • Legacy, Security, and Wealth Protection


Kingfisher strives to understand your goals so that we may maximize your assets and investments for your use, while considering the most tax efficient disposition of your assets during your life and beyond. We take what we have learned during the financial planning process to help you define key goals while pursuing a deeper strategic analysis of how to protect and grow your estate.

We provide expertise to help you:

  • Transfer wealth efficiently to the people and organizations most meaningful to you

  • Reduce your taxable estate through tax-efficient planning

  • Protect assets from third-parties

  • Maintain your lifestyle

  • Protect against the misappropriation of your funds and estate

Trusts are a preferred way for individuals and families to protect their assets. For many families, engaging professional trust resources serves to ease the burden on family members. Working with an independent trust administrator is often preferential to working with a bank trustee, which may inhibit transparency, flexibility, and control. 

Kingfisher offers access to an extensive range of personalized, confidential services including:

  • Personal Trust and Estate Administration

  • Family Dynamics Management

  • Special Needs and Asset Protection Trusts

  • Successor Trustee Appointments

  • Coordination of Elder Care, Special Needs Care, and other Household Services

As part of our holistic approach, Kingfisher will coordinate conversations with your family and provide education that emphasizes the full legacy you want to leave. We will work with the next generation to prepare them to become stewards of family wealth and instill a sense of family responsibility, ensuring that there is continuity in your plan.

Thoughtful and intentional estate planning is what turns a life into a legacy


Taxes affect every aspect of your financial life, from your investments and business income to your wealth-transfer strategy and estate plan. We can help you carefully plan for these impacts, providing access to a comprehensive menu of services to develop, execute, and refine a long-term tax strategy.


Effective tax compliance for businesses and individuals requires more than just a detailed understanding of the tax code. There are operational, financial, and legal complexities that require a coordinated effort.


Our collaborative approach works with a team of advisers to provide services including:

  • Tax Planning and Consulting

  • Tax Return Preparation and Compliance

  • Specialty & Strategic Tax Services

  • Financial Statement Audits, Reviews, and Compilations

  • Bookkeeping and Bill Pay


Planning for the ongoing educational needs of yourself, your children, and your grandchildren is an important decision. Kingfisher will help you select the appropriate asset allocation for your specific time horizon and goals, and manage the underlying investments in your portfolio.


Whether it is setting aside money in a trust for your grandchildren or utilizing a tax-advantaged savings plans to invest for the future, it is crucial to be intentional in the way you contemplate funding future education expenses. With tuition costs climbing, a modest investment on the front end can alleviate an enormous financial burden on future generations. Saving early through a vehicle such as a state-sponsored 529 Plan can play a helpful role.  A 529 Plan is an education savings plan designed to help families set aside funds for future college costs.  Although contributions are not tax deductible, the contributions may be invested in stock and bond funds and will never be taxed as long as distributions are used for legitimate college or graduate school expenses. 

Education Planning - Kingfisher Capital

You worked hard to build your legacy. We work hard to protect it.



You have spent your life building your investment portfolio, your retirement assets, and your businesses. But are your assets truly safe? 


Understanding how to protect your family, your estate, and your business from unforeseen events is elementary to a sound wealth plan and a pre-requisite to ensuring your legacy is secure. To protect you from events such as untimely health challenges, unnecessary tax consequences, loss of income, and legal actions, we will help you evaluate two primary approaches to insurance protection.


THE FIRST and most common use of insurance is to protect you and your family from unforeseen and unwelcome events such as premature death or prolonged disability or illness. Leveraging our independent insurance capabilities, we will examine how your current polices are performing, analyze them for any coverage gaps or poor policy structures, and evaluate your unique circumstances to compile an array of solutions that may better serve your needs.


THE SECOND use of insurance is for the purposes of tax mitigation and sophisticated wealth and estate planning. As part of a broader estate planning process, it may become useful to explore certain asset exchanges and other insurance structures to reduce your tax liability and remove assets from your estate. Our comprehensive wealth management review will help you explore all appropriate options to help you meet your goals.


By accessing our wholesale, independent insurance service platform, you will obtain competitive pricing and the widest selection of insurance options available from a broad array of the nation’s largest and oldest carriers. This competitive, consultative approach stands in stark contrast to the alternative of working with a single company.

Asset Protection
Strategic Philanthropy - Kingfisher Capital


​We know how important it is to make an impact on the causes that matter most to you.  Charitable giving is an excellent way to manage your legacy – and your taxes. And you don’t have to wait to start. Whether you wish to leave a living legacy or one after you pass, there are many paths to charitable giving. 

Giving through a structured vehicle like donor advised funds, private foundations, or charitable trusts allows you to make charitable decisions proactively instead of reactively. In addition, strategic philanthropy offers the opportunity to involve children and grandchildren in the giving process, building a culture of philanthropy within your family and business. You pass along both your values and your assets to younger generations.

In many cases, the donor advised fund is a surprisingly convenient and cost-effective way to solidify your legacy while also having professionals manage the fund’s investments and administration on your behalf.  The process is simple and allows you to take a lump sum tax deduction on the transfer amount upfront, while disbursing the money from the charitable giving account to the charities of your choice over time. The full amount of the money you transfer into your donor advised fund becomes eligible for an immediate tax deduction in the year of transfer. Kingfisher will manage the fund as a traditional investment account and our institutional service partner will administer the fund on your behalf. You simply determine what gifts you want to give, and we do the rest.

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Kingfisher encourages a strong culture of community engagement and philanthropy. Our management team, employees, and partners actively support cultural, artistic, and humanitarian endeavors which increase our shared well-being. We deliver Board level leadership and work in the trenches to provide consultative and financial support that sponsors a culture of generosity and stewardship for positive change for all citizens.

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